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Another Nigger riot in Peoria, Whats new?

November 7, 2008 1 comment

Here is another story in the paper of another large mob of people rioting. Its obviously niggers, you don’t see white people getting into huge mobs in black areas of town. The media has gone on attack mode against us, yet time and time again we are correct. Still no action has been taken against these beasts. Sigh, when will people pull their heads out of their asses? As far as I’m concerned, the police should have beat them all unconscious and locked them all up. But what lesson would have really been learned? They are a breed halfway between human and animals after all.

Peoria police fire pepper balls to break up fight

A large group of women fighting Thursday night in a South Peoria street had to be dispersed by police firing pepper balls near the crowd.

About 9 p.m., between 30 and 40 women were found fighting in the 800 block of South Greenlawn Street, police said.

When the women didn’t stop fighting after police gave them verbal commands to do so, officers fired pepper balls near the group and the women ran off.

Police said no one has come forward as a victim in the fight.