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Niggers do a Drive-by on Peoria House

February 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Police found five bullet holes in the side of a house after a drive-by shooting Tuesday morning.

A man on the 1900 block of West Howett Street called police around 1:35 a.m. to report hearing five to six gunshots fired outside while he was lying in bed. He also said he had heard six to seven shots about a half hour earlier but had not called police.

According to police reports, five bullet holes were found in the side of the man’s house. Officers also found five shell casings lying on the street.

A neighbor told police she witnessed the shooting. The woman placed the time of the shooting closer to 1 a.m. After hearing a single gunshot, the woman looked out her window. She saw a dark blue or black car. She said a man leaned out across the windshield with a semiautomatic handgun and fired five or six more shots before driving off.

No arrest have been made.