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Massive White Racial Response Deters Obama Campaign

Washington, DC — Niggers and privileged white college children are encountering massive white racial hostility while trying to campaign for Barack Obama, the Washington Post reported today.

“I’ll never vote for a nigger,” has become a common response in the white working class communities that comprise more than half the American elctorate.

“Hang that darky from a tree!” is another.

28% of Americans, more than one third of the white population, are thought to hold “white supremacist” views, according to a USA Today. The rest think otherwise only vecause of media brainwashing and lack of white working class consciousness. And while the small, privileged and Jewish financed elite have integrated well, and financed the nigger-commnist’s Democratic campaign, they and their privileged children are finding doors slammed in their face.

Examples abound: A group of black Obama campaigners were accosted in Kokomo, Indiana, by white drivers shouting “nigger”. In Vincennes, an Obama campaign office was attacked and vandalized. At one office, the words “We don’t cling to guns or religion. Goddamn Wright” were painted across the windows. The Obama campaign has hushed the incidents up.

The violence highlights a truth about white America that has become ignored in an age where Jewish owned television stations and Jewish owned radio programs have Jewish owned politicians telling the world what America thinks. In the real world, away from the Jewish illusion, white working people remain racially conscious, racially socialist, and ready to unite and fight against the lower races. What’s lacking in America is only the leadership to make it happen.

  1. Lyn
    May 14, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    YES! Oh man I was so happy to find this blog post this morning. Great way to start my day. Finally Whites are standing up for themselves.

    Now we’ll have to get ready for a lot of mainstream media whining – “bitter” Whites, racist Whites, etc. Good. I’m glad Whites are bitter, and I hope Whites are racist, too. Because Whites in America have a lot to be bitter about. Affirmative action, political correctness, and the war on America that was declared by blacks about 50 years ago.

    Thanks again for this post. Be loud and be proud White people!

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