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VIDEO- Bill White beats black thugs in court!!

Supremacist acquitted of assault
Two people were convicted of assaulting Bill White, a leader of a neo-Nazi group.
By Laurence Hammack


Pool video
The leader of a white supremacy group based in Roanoke was acquitted Tuesday of charges that he assaulted a black man and woman who accused him of using racial slurs during a disturbance on Chapman Avenue.

The man and woman — who both said they resorted to violence in self-defense — were convicted of assaulting William A. White, the commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party.

After hearing more than a hour of conflicting testimony, General District Court Judge Jacqueline Talevi sentenced Aries Brown to 10 days in jail and gave LaToria Minnis a suspended 30-day jail sentence.

The charges stemmed from an Oct. 10 disorder in the West End neighborhood, where White owns more than a dozen homes that he rents.

White testified that he was driving in the 1300 block of Chapman Avenue when Aries Brown stepped in front of his car. After first calling 911, White said, he drove a block down the street but ended up getting out of his car to confront Brown.

“Then he came at me swinging,” White testified. As the two men scuffled on the ground, White said, Minnis came up and kicked him several times in the head.

Both Brown and Minnis have criminal records, and White testified they were angry because he had been working with police to reduce crime in the neighborhood.

Brown and Minnis said it was White who was looking for a fight. They testified the scuffle began when White called Minnis a racial slur and then hit her in the lip with his cellphone. Minnis admitted she hit White back, and Brown said he jumped on White to try to stop the fight.

But in accepting White’s version of what happened, Talevi noted that his story was corroborated by an independent witness, Miguel Rangel, a former tenant of White’s.

In reaching her decision, the judge said she did have some concerns about White’s decision not to leave the scene when Brown first stepped in front of his car.

Pressed on that point by defense attorney David Steidle, White responded:

“If you run away from these people, they are much more likely to attack you.”

White declined to comment after the hearing.

“I have nothing to say to The Roanoke Times,” he said.

In the five years since he arrived in Roanoke and began to buy up rental properties, White has attracted considerable controversy, often using his Web site to weigh in on national issues that involve race.

A march by his group in Toledo, Ohio, led to a riot in that city in 2005, followed by a public rebuke of White by the Roanoke City Council.

More recently, White got involved in the case of the Jena Six, in which six black high school students were charged with assaulting a white classmate.

After thousands of marchers converged in Jena, La., to protest what they called the unfair treatment of the teens, White posted to his Web site the defendants’ contact information and the words “Lynch the Jena 6.”

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