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White Woman Killer Bobby Cutts goes jail for 57 years


Bobby Cutts Jr. and the pregnant woman he killed, Jessie Davis.
Bobby Cutts Jr. was convicted of killing pregnant lover Jessie Davis and her unborn child.  (AP Photos)

A former Ohio police officer was sentenced to at least 57 years in prison today for killing his pregnant lover and her unborn child, after a jury voted to spare his life.

Bobby Cutts Jr., 30, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 57 years. He had faced a possible death sentence for murdering Jessie Davis and her unborn child, who was to be named Chloe.

Bobby Cutts took my sister from me. You took a chunk out of my heart,” Stephanie Davis said, reading from a letter she read for her cousin, Caylon Davis, Jessie’s adopted brother, at a hearing before Stark County Common Pleas Judge Charles Brown Jr.

Cutts, who appeared to choke up at times during his sentencing, did not speak. During a hearing earlier this week, he pleaded for his life, telling the jury in a quivering voice that he accepted responsibility for his crimes. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m asking you to spare my life,” Cutts said, according to The Associated Press.

Cutts cried on the witness stand during his trial as he said he accidentally killed Jessie Davis by elbowing her in the throat during an argument. He hid her body in a park, finally leading police to her body after a nine-day search that generated national attention.

A jury convicted Cutts of murder for Davis’ death and of aggravated murder for the death of her fetus.

  1. Michelle
    March 13, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    This case is a tragedy all the way around. Jessie Davis and her unborn baby, their todler, Jessie’s family and friends, Cutts family and friends, and the general public that cared enough to cry about it like I did. I am a black female, and, I hate it any time a man feels he have the right to hit a woman, does not matter what race, it’s a triflent thing to do especially if you are pregnant. That’s not having regard for life. A man should protect his pregnant woman, not allowing anyone else or anything else to cause her stress while she is in such a delicate condition for him as well as herself. As much as my heart goes out to Cutts for the mess he got himself into, my heart goes out to Jessie and her unborn baby more. I don’t believe it was an accident, how are you going to strike a pregnant woman that hard to kill her? Especially in the throat?
    Where he hit her at automatically tells you he meant to kill her, if he had hit her in the face, pushed her, hit her legs, maybe it was an accident, but he went for the thorat? That’s no accident, plus, the body was so badly decompose they could not identify how she was killed, so who really know what he did to her to kill her, he could have beat the crap out of her. And, what’s so disturbing about this, looking at him, you would never believe it. He looks honest, decent, he looks like an good person, that’s why the old saying goes, “You Can’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover” I just pray for the families and for Bobby Cutts that he will come to know who God is and come to grips on this terrible thing he has done and in the face of it all, he still came out on top,
    a black man killed a white woman and convicted by an all white jury and did nto receive death. A lot of people do care regardless of color.

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