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Black kills 16-year-old white girl – he claims he was crazy, duh, you’re a black man!

Tamir Hamilton Pleads Insanity in Sparks Killing
A man facing trial for the rape and killing of a Sparks teenager is pleading insanity.

Twenty-nine year old Tamir Hamilton entered his new plea Thursday during a hearing before Washoe District Judge Connie Steinheimer.

The victim’s sister was involved in bestiality. Yes, it was the sister’s nigger buck who raped and murdered the young victim shown below. At one time they all shared the same apartment. And it’s like; “OK, I’m nothing but a ‘racist,‘ so I have the audacity to ponder, what could go wrong under those circumstances?” How about anything and everything? White people seem to get stupider and more brainwashed as the years go by. It’s not like the jewish diversity and multicultural experiment was a great success, no, we see what happens, we know what goes down, the GD interracial BS was a complete and utter failure. So why are innocent White girls still being raped and slaughtered by niggers? Niggers that they had willingly come in contact with? They’re not good for breeding, they’re not good fathers, husbands, lovers or anything. No, they’re not good for anything, matter of fact, they’re not even human.

The judge also rejected a defense request to exclude a possible death penalty.

Hamilton’s is charged with sexually assaulting and killing 16-year-old Holly Jean Quick in her bedroom in 2006.

He was a friend and former roommate of the girl’s older sister.

His trial is scheduled to begin March 17.

Hamilton pleaded no contest last summer and was sentenced to life in prison for raping a University of Nevada, Reno student the month before Quick was killed.

Don’t believe the jewish propaganda in the media, those hypes and myths are just laid out for the dense and dumb while the jew destroys America with it. Diversity is good for you White America, you must accept those niggers and non-whites, they are your equals, if you don’t love them you will be racists. In other words, the jew don’t give a F about your White ass, they don’t give a F about a nig or a spig or any other non-white slapping the sh*t out of your son or raping and murdering your daughter, they only care about themselves. And the best thing for jews is for the White race to remain stupid while allowing the nigs and non-whites to takeover their countries. What happens when the White man is no longer the majority in his own lands? The jew becomes king, the king of the land and eventually the king of the world.

I remember what happened when Christ came down to earth talking that stuff about “he” was going to be the king. The jews didn’t understand he was referring to being a king in a future kingdom and they had him killed. The Romans twice stated; we find no fault in this man, let him go. The jews on the other hand . . . convicted him twice and had him killed. The jews are yet fighting for this useless kingdom on earth, the non-whites as their tools and warriors and the Whites, ha, zombies who have fell hook line and sinker for a flimsy and very dangerous jewish make believe world of fantasy and fallacy, a world of wet dreams, a world filled with diversity and multiculturalism. Consider yourself lucky if you live through it, many won’t, this girl didn’t.

Ayes be jus like yall, ayes iz da same as yall, an aye iz equal wiff
yall. Except when ayes rape and kill one yall, dems ah retarded.

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