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Blacks who attacked Bill White lose in court! Another Win for the ANSWP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:American National Soicalist Workers Party Commander Bill White
Acquitted Of All Charges In Beating Of Negro Crack Dealer, ProstituteNegroes Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail

American National Soicalist Workers Party Commander Bill White was
acquitted today of all charges in the beating of a Negro crack dealer
and Negro prostitute who assaulted him after learning of his
involvement in a vice squad investigation into their activities.

According to testimony heard today in Roanoke District Court, White
choked Negro crack dealer Aries Brown unconscious and beat Negro
prostitute Latoria Minnis after the two stopped his car and assaulted
him as he drove between properties he owns in Southwest Virginia’s
West End.

Judge Jacqueline Taveli described White as a “law abiding citizen”
who had clearly been attacked by the two, who admitted on the stand
they were engage in illegal activities when they confronted White,
who had taken their pictures.

When Brown was questioned as to what he did for a living, he said “I
don’t work”. White’s attorney, Richard Lawrence, replied, “So you
support yourself selling cocaine?” which caused Brown to flip out
shouting “How you know that? How you know that? You don’t know

Minnis similarly exploded on the witness stand, shouting at
Lawrence, “I ain’t talking to you know more. You triflin’. You don’
know nothing” after Lawrence had her admit that she had been working
on Chapman Avenue as a prostitute when she attacked White.

Minnis testified, “I got a right to be walkin’ anywhere I want to be,
and if I’m a prostitute or whatever, dat ain’t nobodies business,
because I ain’t a prostitute with him, you know, so it ain’t none of
his business if I want to be walkin’ down dat street”

Minnis has already served 50 days in jail on outstanding warrants for
failure to appear, and was scheduled to be released. Brown’s jaw
dropped and he got a look of shock on his face as he was sentenced to
30 days in jail.

White told the press afterward that he thought “the Judge made the
right decision” and, when asked if he wanted all criminals, or just
Negro criminals, thrown in prison, he said “Negroes and criminals are
pretty synonymous.”

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