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Australia – A series of racist gang rapes in Sydney

http://www.racismeantiblanc.bizland.com/005/01.htmAustralia – A series of racist gang rapes in Sydney

For several months, in 2000, the young white teenage girls of Sydney, in Australia, became the preys of gangs of Lebanese youths who targeted them for gang rapes in several parts of the city. At the very first, much was done to downplay the racial aspect of these gang rapes. It took all the courage of a seventeen years old girl to dare breaking a conspiracy of silence.

Through the Australian press, there is still the possibility, today, to read the narrative of some of these affairs which got wide coverage. One of the most dramatic account is that of a young woman who was kidnapped on august 30, 2000 on her way home. A pack of Lebanese teenage boys invited her to smoke a join but soon, they trapped her in the restroom of a Bankstown parking lot where 4 men raped her. Then, a man called some friend with his cellular phone and took her from the bathroom to their car. They rapped her anew. Then they called more friends, took her to a industrial site and raped her again with newcomers. At the end, they hosed her down with water, laughing at her. They told her she was an Australian pig and that they would “fuck her, Lebanese style”.

In another rape, two girls were abducted at knife point, driven to a house in the suburbs and raped by the Lebanese. They were each put in a room so they could hear but not see what was happening to the other. On of the Arabs actually told to a girl that she had to do what he wanted if she cared for her friend’s life…

These are but a couple out of an estimated number of seventy gang rapes that took place in the Sydney area over a period of several months. Only about twenty were reported to the police. Like in France, the victims were harassed and threatened by the rapists. All the victims were white girls; All the attackers were Arabs. In one of the attackers cellular phone, one found messages of hate such as “when you get bored, rape a Christian or a Catholic.”

When the ethnic problem became know, the arab community leaders did nothing to help the police but screamed it was racist to say young Lebanese were targeting white girls.

Later, when came the time of the trial. The prosecutors tried to downplay the racial angle. In agreements with the defense, they “creamed out” the girls testimonies of any such details and dropped charges on that matter, without the girls knowing about that: they would learn it on TV and hear they had willingly stepped into the rapist car, which was a lie. Eventually, one of the victim was so furious she decided to go public and explained what had really happened on a TV show… Without her courage, the politically correct crowd would have swept her suffering under the rug…

Some of the rapists names were released: Mohammed Senussi, Khater Bou-Anton Mahmoud Senussi, Tayyab Sheikh, Mohammed Skaf , Bilal Skaf, Mahmoud Chami, Belal Hajeid, Mohamed Ghanem


  1. July 1, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    this site is pure white power ..”we love hitler ” all so blinded by hate rather then resentment ,i dont belive 80 % of what the media says … because lets face it, its bullshit twisted and turned ,always taking the one who claims victim first … pfft please . by the way gang rapes wernt invented by lebs in australia it was invented by white folks just as urselfs ,,bikies like to call them groupies , and wat some girls call gang rape cause one or two of those dickheads stole her phone ,Let me see …HMMM ok this girl jumps off a train(willingly,as she stated in her own statement with 5 blokes…wait … FIVEEEE GUYS to go for a smoke and was already spoken to about sex n she wasnt worried the slightest.) then later claims rape in broad day light 3pm when every tom,dick,n harry r out n about these five lebooo scum of the earth that were all born in australia by the way raped her in a CARPARK THAT WAS FULL OF CARS IN ATOILET NEXT DOOR TO A SECURITY OFFICE….OHHHH FUK OFF WILL YA…GROW UP IDIOTS N STOP BEING FOOLED BY MEDIA TRICK… thanks enjoy 🙂

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