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Black attacks white woman – I love how they beat on women, the cowards

Police in Burlington say someone is attacking people (White people) while they’re pumping gas.

One victim says it happened in broad daylight in front of several people.

She was hit was a metal pipe says she’s scarred for life.

“All I saw were eyes and blue bandana… And that’s when I fell and um… I was like Oh, my God.. he’s going to kill me,” explained attack victim Kathleen Fisher.

Her nose is broken and her sinus’ are caved in. She is also missing a front tooth and all of her top teeth are loose.

A similar attack happened two weeks ago.

The thing is that neither victim was robbed. They were just beaten.


The owner of Great Stops on North Church Street is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of a man wanted for assaulting a Burlington woman in January in the store’s parking lot.

Phil Kleinman who owns the 24-hour convenience store, which is located near the convergence of North Church and Fisher streets, is offering a $2,500 reward. Alamance County CrimeStoppers will also pay for information that leads to an arrest and conviction, according to a Burlington Police Department news release.

Police have been searching for the man who assaulted Kathleen Fisher of Burlington since the attack on Jan. 16. Fisher stopped at Great Stops at about 9 a.m. that morning. As she was heading in the store to pay for her fuel, a man whose face was masked with a blue bandanna, approached her and hit her in the face.

At the time, Fisher told police she thought she was hit with a bottle. Since that time, her physician informed her that her injuries — a broken nose and facial fractures — were more likely caused by a metal object, such as a pipe.

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