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Blacks beat up homeless whites – guess they don’t mind stealing from the homeless, at least they don’t judge by class


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Black gang members

by Jeff Davis

More hideous news, out of Michigan this time. The Kalamazoo Gazette reports: “Police were searching this morning for a group of teenagers suspected of attacking a 46-year-old homeless man Thursday in downtown Kalamazoo. The man, a white male who resides at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission, was walking in the 500 block of North Rose Street at about 6:30 p.m. when he was attacked, according to the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety. Witnesses told police the man was attacked by a group of 15 black males who were all wearing white T-shirts. Police said the males repeatedly punched and kicked the victim, causing severe injuries to his face. He was taken to Bronson Methodist Hospital and admitted for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries.” Well, at least they were “nonlife-threatening.”

The story goes on: “Investigators believe there were other people with the group who did not take part in the attack ‘but know exactly who the suspects are, and we’re asking for their assistance,’ Capt. Jim Mallery said.” (Lots of luck there, captain.). “The Public Safety Department increased patrols near the Gospel Mission and put plainclothes officers on the street last summer following reports that homeless people were being assaulted by teens on bikes and armed with bats, bricks and rocks. Also, from March 1 to May 22, police investigated 21 different assaults by teenagers and young adults, some of which police have said may have been perpetrated by rival groups affiliated with different sides of the city. In each case, a lone person was assaulted by groups of as few as two to as many as 11 people. In 15 of the incidents, police have said, a lone white male was attacked by a group of black males.”

No need to go on. We all get the picture. Multiply Kalamazoo by how many times for every city across the country where this is taking place? Hordes of black predators hunting down the weakest and most helpless white men they can find and tearing into them like beasts.

These homeless Whites just happen to be living in the worst parts of town where the Blacks have easy access to them. If you or I wandered into a Black neighborhood or if a group of Black teenagers invaded a White neighborhood, then they would be beating up ordinary White people, instead of homeless. We should take the attacks on White homeless as a clear warning sign that Blacks are a clear and present danger to all Whites.

Last Halloween a crowd of over a dozen Blacks attacked three young White women in Long Beach, CA, putting one of them in the hospital with multiple skull fractures. The courts did not put the Blacks on trial as adults despite the viciousness of the attacks. Some of the Blacks involved were only a few weeks short of being eighteen. Instead, they were tried as juveniles and they were given probation for a felony assault. Some say the Blacks should have been charged with attempted murder for the victim with the skull fractures.

The best short term solution to the Black crime problem is for Whites to avoid Black neighborhoods as much as possible. Anyone, who can’t avoid Black neighborhoods or who lives in a racially mixed neighborhood should get a concealed carry permit for a firearm. That may be the only thing that will separate you from a merciless beating. If you live in a state that won’t let you carry a gun and you live around Blacks, then MOVE!!! Don’t be a crime statistic waiting to happen. If anyone doesn’t think the situation is all that serious, just think about what the Blacks have done to unarmed White homeless men or even unarmed White women, who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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