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Black Savages Rape 33-Year-Old White Farmer’s Wife while Disabled Husband Looks on

Four New South African Black savages will appear in the Memel magistrate’s court on Tuesday for robbing and gang-raping an Eastern Free State farmer’s wife while her disabled husband looked on.
The armed savages raped the 33-year-old woman on Friday after she had given them cash, her wedding ring, watches, bracelets and bank cards with pin codes.
Her disabled husband, 48 was unharmed.
Police were investigating possible links to two attacks in October and January in which four men used the same modus operandi to rob farmers.
In Friday’s attack, the gang – armed with two firearms, a crowbar and a knife – entered the house through a kitchen door left unlocked for farm workers to help the wheelchair-bound man.
The couple were asleep when the savages, aged between 20 and 25, stormed into their bedroom at midnight. Although they took the keys to an old Mercedes-Benz, they left the car behind. They found nothing inside the safe.
  1. TheWhiteResistance
    January 25, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Whites need to declare WAR against NIGGERS with no fear of arrest or jail!!! This makes me sick!!!!

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