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Black kills three “friends” and then laughs about at during trial – guess the crack finally kicked in

by James Buchanan

Killer Ulysses HandyIQ about 57

A recent news article reports “Tensions were high in a Tacoma courtroom Wednesday when a man who pleaded guilty to killing three people told the victims’ families to ‘get over it.’ Ulysses Handy, 24, will spend the rest of his life in prison after pleading guilty to murder charges to avoid a possible death penalty. He shot 28-year old Darren Christian, 20-year old Daniel Varo and 21-year old Lindy Cochran to death in February during a robbery at a Tacoma home. The three were his friends. Handy smirked in court as relatives of the victims talked about their loss. When it was his turn to speak, Handy said he was asking for no sympathy because he doesn’t have any. Handy showed no remorse as he addressed the court Wednesday, ‘I feel there’s two types of people in this world, us and them, predator and prey. Well, I’m damn sure not a prey. So, I know there’s people up in here hurt. Well, pain’s a part of life, deal with it, get over it.’ ”

Did the killer Ulysses Handy take advantage of any of the racial quotas for universities and jobs? No. He lived just like a psychotic Black gang member in Los Angeles or New Orleans. He apparently got bored or had a bad day or got too strung out on a new drug and decided to kill three of his FRIENDS just for the fun of it.

The same article continues ” ‘Pain has been the only constant that’s been in my life from my earliest memory. Oh well. I can’t hurt no more,” Handy said. As Handy addressed the court, blaming his crimes on the pain he suffered as a child, his mother stood up and interrupted. Tesheika Barnes’ outburst put an end to her son’s statement, and he then pleaded guilty to the murders… As friends and family of the victims spoke, Handy would laugh or stare directly at them. Handy’s behavior prompted an outburst as the uncle of Lindy Cochran faced Handy while making his address in court: ‘But I wish I had the opportunity to trip the gallows that would stretch his sorry neck. And part of the thing that is going to keep me going the rest of my life is that somebody will get their hands on him on the inside and choke the life out of him. For the coward that he is. Go ahead and laugh about it, you chicken****,’ Robert Frost said. Deputies detained two of Handy’s friends outside the Pierce County courtroom after they exchanged words with victim family members. The News Tribune reported that the two friends threatened the victims’ family members.”

Washington state had only a relatively tiny Black population up until the last few decades. Most of the early Black immigrants to the state were poor members of military families. As usual in America, Blacks were given every possible advantage with quotas to get into college and minority scholarship funds (such as the multi-billion dollar fund the liberal Bill Gates set up for any race except Whites and Asians). If it were possible for Blacks to be assimilated into a White population, it should have happened in Washington state. Instead, Blacks remained Blacks. Even the ultra-liberal Whites of Seattle found themselves moving away from the increasingly Black neighborhoods for reasons of safety. Black gang members will always attack any Whites in their neighborhoods. It doesn’t matter how liberal or multicultural those Whites profess to be.

If anyone has any illusions about this individual being rotten to the core, don’t listen to his self-serving claims that he had a bad childhood. (In fact, his mother was in the courtroom and got the big tough killer to shut up about his childhood.) All you have to do is take a close look at this monster and see the tattoo just below his neck. The tattoo that says “Sadist.”

  1. Lani
    February 5, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    You’re a complete moron. First, speaking on African Americans while, from the sounds of it, you’re a privileged white person who knows nothing of an ethnic persons struggle, shows your ignorance. You really have no room to speak on things you clearly know nothing about. You take one person and try to use him to fuel your racist bullshit. Second, I actually know Ulysses personally and have for years before all of this happened. And while his actions were horrendous, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to his situation. I know about his personal life, how he grew up and I can tell you, you have NO idea what you’re talking about. I cut all ties with him when he committed this atrocity but I’m not ok with people assuming and speaking on things they know nothing about! Try educating yourself and try pulling your ignorant, bigoted head out of your ass! By the way, his tattoo doesn’t say “Sadist.”

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