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Black gang with Machetes & Guns attack White man & son

Kempton Park – A robber told 17-year-old Werner Teubes who had asked about his father´s screams from the bathroom: “Don´t worry. He´ll soon be quiet. He´s dying.”

Werner and his father, Johan Teubes, 42, had been surprised by armed robbers at their business, Red Wing Farms, in Bredell, Kempton Park, shortly after 16:00 on Sunday.

Two of the robbers pretended to be customers while five of their cohorts hid in the back of a white bakkie [truck] that had a canopy with tinted windows.

Werner said: “My dad had been busy with an invoice when one of the robbers asked me for a glass of water.

“I went to fetch the water – with ice and everything – and gave it to him.

“He took a big gulp of water – and then the rest of the gang jumped from the bakkie with guns.”

The robbers forced them into the house and demanded money. A shocked Johan couldn´t remember where the money was.

Thought it was the end

He was hit on the head with a panga and he fell to the bathroom floor.

He said: “When I felt the blood running, I thought it was the end.”

Werner begged them to leave his father alone and gave them a large sum of money that had been in one of the cupboards.

They also stole binoculars, a camera, a laptop computer and a Nissan Almera car.

Werner said: “It´s a crime area. We have expected this to happen.”

According to Johan, the police showed up more than hour after Werner had phoned.

According to Superintendent Eugene Opperman of the police, a senior officer had been appointed to investigate these allegations.

Opperman said robberies had been reported from “time to time” in the past four months in the Bredell area, but none of them had been armed ones.

Nobody has been arrested yet.

[link to www.news24.com]

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