The truth hurts

Nice White Middle Class street – clean, beautiful and safe.

Black Ghetto – Dirty, low income and very dangerous.

Ireland – Beautiful white nation. Like all white ran European nations, filled with high income jobs, a working government and a land filled beauty.

South Africa – Blacks riot, which is common among them. Tonight is just another night for them to murder, rape and attack white men, women and babies.

Typical white girl. Her IQ is around 101. She has a great chance of becoming a nurse or teacher among so many other great things during her lifetime.

Typical black boy. IQ is around 75-80. He is 17 and has 3 kids by 3 different girls. He has never held a job and makes his money selling drugs and by stealing. He has been in jail 5 times already and has a bright future joining death row.

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