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Black kills store manager – white had a job, black was a killer

Marietta, Georgia

A man Marietta police said is behind a robbery that left a video game store manager dead, was expected to appear in front of a judge on Wednesday evening.

The Game Stop on Cobb Parkway is still closed and flowers are gathering in front of the entrance in memory of store manager Matthew Cherry….


By the time Marietta police interviewed Patrick Graham, 34, and transported him to the Cobb County Jail early Wednesday morning, they believed they had the goods on him. Graham was picked up shortly after midnight at an apartment complex on South Cobb Drive….

Graham is charged with murdering Game Stop manager Matthew Cherry by wrapping duct tape around his head, cutting off his breathing, forcing him to suffocate. A co-worker and the co-worker’s father were tied up with duct tape but not gagged.

This was an important arrest for Marietta police. Remember, they had to watch the video inside the store that showed how Matthew Cherry died. Though many people have the impression the suspect unintentionally smothered Cherry, police said it was no accident — that Graham was in the store while Cherry died.

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