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Black bus rapists caught

WTMJ-TV and JSOnline.com
Sept. 27, 2007

A woman is raped at a Waukesha park. Two weeks later, the victim runs into her rapist on a city bus.
WAUKESHA – It was a Tuesday afternoon in early September. A 20-year-old woman was sitting on a picnic table at Mt. Horeb Park enjoying a book when she claims a man she didn’t know approached her. Waukesha police say the man dragged her five feet into the men’s bathroom and raped her. “It’s just shocking. I’ve never heard anything like that happening in the neighborhood,” Lori Martinez, who lives across from park, said. Police soon had a suspect: Anwau Terry of Milwaukee. They couldn’t find him, but the victim did. On Friday, the victim says she was riding a city bus when she claims she saw the man who raped her. She told the bus driver and the bus driver called police and Terry was arrested a short time later….


Sept. 28, 2007

….The 25-year-old suspect (Anwau Terry) has been charged with second-degree sexual assault and false imprisonment. He’s being held on $7,500 bond for a preliminary hearing next Wednesday.


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