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Four Blacks attack one white girl – blacks are so brave

CCTV video captures a black-on-white mob assault in Leicester Square in London. While it looks like as many as 10 blacks gather, the video shows four of the blacks assaulting one white girl. The girl actually fights back, and within moments, several bystanders, mostly white males, intervene. You’ll notice the black cowards don’t attempt to rumble with the bystanders. Police appear shortly thereafter and chase down the suspects. Hat tip to the Council of Conservative Citizens for posting this on their website.


I could find no media accounts of this attack. However, I found several articles describing London’s descent into multicultural mongrelism and madness that are of interest. A January 20th article in the Times of London opines that police are scared to take on the gangs. In the article, a resident, Veronique Muteba, describes how the stairwells of her flats were taken over by black gangbangers who used them for drug-dealing and other tomfoolery. But the police told Muteba they couldn’t do anything unless the buggers actually broke into the resident’s flat. Finally, one night, Muteba’s husband verbally confronted them outside the flat and was stabbed to death. And it wasn’t racial – the Mutebas are also black. These feral black scum will kill anyone who crosses them.

Another article, published January 21st in the Telegraph, disputes the British government’s contention that crime is down and accuses the government of underreporting crime. And another January 21st Telegraph article discusses the startling admission by British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith that she would not go walking about anywhere in London at night.

Far cry from the London I became familiar with during my USAF tour at RAF Mildenhall from 1983-88. I used to visit London at least once a month, park my car at Gant’s Hill, take the Underground to Oxford Street, and simply walk about. I felt perfectly safe, except for the day I walked into the predominantly black section of Brixton, where I got a slight case of the willies. Of course, this was mostly because of reputation; in 1981, the blacks in Brixton had a mass chimpout and tore up the community.

Sad that the same Britain which pissed away its empire in fratricidal European war 60 years ago is now in danger of having its home islands overrun.

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