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Blacks attack white boy with pipe

Local student says he was hit with a pipe at school (MOBILE, Ala.) Feb 12 — The parents of one local middle school student say their child was hit in the head with a pipe while he was at school. The school says all four students involved in the fight are suspended, including the boy who was beat up. Now, his parents are fighting that decision. NBC 15’s Andrea Ramey has this exclusive story.

Eigth grader Chris Beech says the day he got jumped at Hankins Middle School started like any other day. “We were switching from first period to second period,” said Chris.

As he walked past the boys bathroom, Chris says he heard someone call his name. “As soon as I walked in, the boys jumped on me.”

Chris says he can’t remember much, just that several guys hit him pretty hard in head. “I’ve had headaches on this side of my face, right here, almost everyday since this happened.”

Chris’ father, Joey Beech, says they took a photo of his son’s injured face that day at the hospital. “The doctor said looked like he’d been hit in the head with a pipe. Said it had to be a round, metal object. They said no fist would do something like that to him.”

School officials say all four of the student involved in the fight were arrested and suspended. Chris’ parents say that’s not right, since their son was a victim. They want him back in the classroom. “They say he can’t go back in school until we have a conference but every time we set up an appointment, they always cancel it,” said Joey Beech.

School officials say they are following the proper procedure and can not comment further on the incident.

Chris’s parents say they are worried about permanent physical damage caused by the fight. Chris had a cat scan. They’re still waiting on those results. His parents have hired an attorney to help them get Chris back in school. So far, he’s missed two weeks of class.

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